Bio Attribites
Home Earth
Classification Cybertronian
Faction Autobots
Status Online
Other Ottributes
First Seen Pilot (Part 1)
Occupation Rebel Bad-Boy-Bot
Voice Darren Criss

"Finally! I hate sneaking around!"

Rebel, bad-boy, competitive; these are all things that describe Sideswipe, who is always happy to show off his prowess in the heat of battle, and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Sideswipe is, at his core, a lone wolf who tends to look out for himself, but when push come to shove, he heeds the call to action, jumping into the fight with guns blazing. Sideswipe is always quick with his words, and quicker with his hands, and is all about getting the drop on his enemies. And he always makes sure to look cool while doing it!

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